Monday, January 17, 2011

Hymnus Libertatis

The curse of Phoenix is upon me, as I have to resurrect from my ashes yet again.
The roaring pain burns the weakness of my soul and I rise stronger than ever.
Like Ouroboros, my soul is immortal in my cyclicality.
Purified by devastating fire, I stand fearless before thee and speak words of Truth:
The human soul that seeks to be free is the most incarcerated of all.
Should freedom become a pursued goal, you will limit yourself and never be free.
The suffering of the souls you hurt hunting for freedom will kill you before you obtain it.
You offer love to those close to your heart, but they receive pain instead.
Trying to liberate yourself you are no longer selfish, but egocentric.
You condemn reason, but you are reasoning more than anybody.
Worst of all, a soul seeking to be free will never love another soul, but it will love only the idea of loving.
By the Love of God I have mercy for such souls.
By the stoicism of Christ I will not be hurt again by such souls.
By the power of Allah I will pass before such souls.
By the wisdom of Buddha I will find peace within.
Never shall I pursue freedom.
Should freedom be given to me, I will enjoy it and be thankful for it.
Should freedom not be given to me, I will find the power of Love and be happy.
Thus not freedom counts, as it is only an illusion.
Above everything there is Love.

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